7 Home Remedies for Cough: TreatmeAnt Can be Easy        

7 Home Remedies for Cough: TreatmeAnt Can be Easy

7 Home Remedies for Cough: Treatment Can be Easy - Cough can be of two basic types chronic and acute. In the latter case, this is the condition caused by viral infections, pneumonia or sinus. In case of its chronic form, coughing persists for more than 20 days. Home remedies for cough work only in cases of acute coughing, as its chronic form requires more professional treatment.

If we speak about home treatment options, it should be noted that to a greater extent it doesn’t matter what reason triggered the condition. We suggest using a few simple home remedies to stop coughing just in a couple of days.

7 Home Remedies for Cough

7 Home Remedies for Cough: TreatmeAnt Can be Easy

1. Garlic

Why garlic? The answer is pretty simple – it possesses many anti-microbial and anti-bacterial components that fight infections. To treat cough at home you can boil cloves of garlic and simply drink it like tea. What’s the effect? To begin with, it will be a lot easier to breathe AND the solution will alleviate itchiness that causes cough continuously. One more possible variant is adding cloves of garlic to food and eating them straight. Two cloves per day will be enough to eliminate the condition.

2. Honey

It is well-known thanks to its analgesic properties. Besides, it is able to provide a refreshing effect on those patients, who suffer from coughing. There are several ways honey can be consumed. You can add 1 teaspoon of the product to hot milk or tea and drink it in regular intervals. Another option is mixing equal proportions of honey and lemon juice.

Add some hot water and have 2 spoons of the solutions every 2-3 hours. It will assist in clearing mucus and keeping the throat well-soothed. An additional option is adding black pepper to a teaspoon of honey and having it two times per day. If it is difficult for you to take raw honey, add it to carrot juice.

3. Carrot juice

This is not a common solution, but it is extremely helpful. Carrots are rich in various nutrients and vitamins that help to relieve cough symptoms. To treat the condition, make fresh juice of 5 carrots and add some water to it. Drink the beverage 3-4 times daily to reach the optimal effect. As described above, you can also add a teaspoon of raw honey.

4. Lemon

Its components loosen and clear phlegm. Just mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with ¼ cup water and a teaspoon of honey and use the liquid for gargling.

5. Almonds

They are now regarded as the best home remedies for dry cough. Just soak a few almonds in water till their skin peels of easily. Grind the already peeled almonds with sugar and butter, making a paste. We suggest consuming the paste every morning and evening to stop coughing. Besides, it is one of the tastiest home remedies for cough.

6. Onion

Use onion juice to loosen the cough you have and clear chest-congestion. Prepare special onion-based syrup, mixing 2 teaspoons of onion juice and 2 teaspoons of honey. The mixture should be kept aside for nearly 6 hours and then you should simply consume a teaspoon of the solution two times per day. One more alternative is mixing 2 teaspoons of onion juice with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Add some water and boil the ingredients. Add 2 teaspoons of honey and leave the syrup aside for 6 hours. Intake a teaspoon of the remedy once per day.

7. Grapes

Many people are usually surprised to see grapes in the list of home remedies for cough, but they really help a lot. They bring relief from the very first cough symptoms. Their active components release mucus from those parts of respiratory organs that have been affected by the virus. You can either make fresh grape juice or eat grapes in natural form. Drinking grape juice with honey is another effective alternative.

Which of the home remedies for cough have you chosen? You can try a couple of them to ensure fast results. Refuse from medicines and commercial syrups as neither of the variants is effective enough to help you to eliminate first symptoms of cough. Trust home solutions, chosen by thousands of people from around the globe and be healthy.

If you need medical advice, let these three things be your physicians; a cheerful mind, relaxation from business, and a moderate diet

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